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Frequently asked questions

How can I become a project participant?

You should sign up to participate in the project. Please, fill out the form on the home page of our website or click the link sent to you by your friend. After signing up you will be able to sign in, replenish your account and make a deposit. Remember to enter your payment details in the corresponding section of your profile.

What explains the high percentage of profit?

The use of different trading strategies allows you to profit regardless of the economic situation. We are trading in crypto currencies. Your invested money multiplied through the work of our professional traders. In addition, we are investing in the ICO with a potential yield of over 1000% per annum.

What electronic payment systems are available?

Currently the following payment systems are available:
You can open a PM account:
You can open a AdvCash account:
You can open a Bitcoin account:
You can open a Ethereum account:
You can open a Litecoin account:
You can open a Payeer account:

How can I create a Deposit from Bitcoin?

Log in to your account, choose a plan, enter the amount, choose a payment system Bitcoin, And click "Make Deposit", then you proceed to the payment page, copy the address or scan the QR code and pay a specified amount in bitcoins. After that You need to do, just wait until Your money will come to the address to which You transferred after 2 confirmations Your Deposit is successfully created.

How to create a Deposit?

Log in to your account and click "Make a Deposit" choose an investment plan, and enter the amount on which want to open a Deposit, pay the bill. Your Deposit was successfully created. Accrual of profit on all deposits held individually by each plan is different.

When can I get first accural on my deposit?

Time of accrual of profits depends on the chosen investment package.

How is the withdrawal from the balance and how long this process takes?

Withdrawal of funds is in manual mode. Regulations for withdrawal 72 hours.

Can I have multiple accounts in Crypto-Asset Limited?

No, it is prohibited to register multiple accounts. In case we find out that you have a few accounts, all of them will be blocked and all funds on them will be frozen with no possibility to get them back.

How can I change the password or email?

You can change your password when you log in or in your account under "Settings". E-mail changes only through the administrator, to change it you can't. You need to send a letter in support of a request to change Your e-mail.

What to do if I forgot the password to my account?

To recover the password, use the "Forgot your password?". Enter your username or e-mail, then You will mail the letter to confirm the change of password, click on link in the e-mail. After confirmation on Your mail will receive another e-mail with Your new password.

What is minimum/maximum amount that can be invested?

Min. deposit amount - $10.
Max. deposit amount – $100 000.

What is minimum/maximum amount that can be winthdrawn?

Min. amount to be withdrawn – $1.
Max. amount to be withdrawn – no limit.

How many deposits can I make in Crypto-Asset Limited?

You can make an unlimited number of deposits and choose any tariff plan.

I found the error on the website (technical, spelling). What to do?

Our site is fairly complex web application. Like any other software, bugs are inevitable. We will do our best to correct errors and working to improve our website. You can send the error information to the support service.

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