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Investment plans

Company Crypto-Asset Limited - is a financial service which acts as an intermediary between the administering and Investors.
The service allows you to earn in different areas, but the majority of investors focused work in crypto currency trading. Us employs only professionals. All traders have a lot of experience and know how to manage funds and choose the most profitable trades. As the profitability of the company we have developed a unique marketing through which any person will be able to enjoy all the advantages Crypto-Asset Limited.
Short-term quick profit for investors, and the availability of our financial product is that we have put into our marketing.


106% After 3 days

  • Minimum $10.00
  • Maximum $100.00
  • Net profit 6%
  • Principal included


116% After 7 days

  • Minimum $10.00
  • Maximum $100000.00
  • Net profit 16%
  • Principal included


210% After 24 days

  • Minimum $10.00
  • Maximum $100000.00
  • Net profit 110%
  • Principal included

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Trading on the cryptocurrency markets, we provide high returns in a short time. Our company is a team of professionals who know their business.

  • Trade 7 days a week
  • Stable charges profit
  • 3 turnkey investment portfolios
  • Convenience and simplicity

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