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About us

Crypto-Asset Limited - is a company which was officially registered in the UK on 25 April 2017. Our goal is to offer each person the optimal solution for multiplying your capital with minimal risk for the investor. Crypto-Asset Limited are not affiliated with any other organization and is not an associated company or Department.

Our team of professional financial specialists who contribute to the efficient and rapid assessment of the current financial market. This gives the opportunity for our specialists to achieve significant success, and the company has decided to submit its product to a wide range of investors. This decision gives impetus to the continuous development of the company, which is steadily to raise capital for their inverters. The objective of our investment Fund is to ensure regular gains to private investors with minimal risk. The Fund is mainly involved in trading on the Cryptocurrency markets. Every transaction conducted by our traders constant profit. 60% of profit we pay out to its investors, the remaining 10% goes to the development of the project and the company as a whole, and 10% of the remuneration of traders, 20% of contributions to the stabilization Fund of the company. Now on crypto market operates 5 of our traders where turnover of trading accounts is at least $ 20 000.

Skilled analysts are closely monitoring the economic situation around the world and choose only the profitable and promising areas for investment. This, in particular, investment in the development and creation of new cryptocurrencies, learning a new market and a new tool as ICO. In October 2017, the company plans to release its own token which will be traded on the exchange. With our company you will have a steady income with minimum investment. We evolve, and work for its investors, everything is quite transparent and clear.

Invest with Crypto-Asset Limited – and get your profit tomorrow.

Basics platform

Stable operation of project is a high return to investor.

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Trade on cryptocurrency market 24\7

  • Operation starts immediately after the payment.
  • The first calculation You will get during the day.
  • Detailed statistics of your accounts 24\7.


Our service for the enhancement of investors ' funds through trading on cryptocurrency exchanges available to each user. You no longer need to buy expensive equipment or to register many accounts on the exchanges to look for signals to trade on exchanges bitcoin crypto and spend their money.


The personal data you provide are safe, we will not disclose information about our customers. All data is securely protected. For work we use only safe and licensed equipment.

  • Powerful and reliable DDOS protected server.
  • Securely protected with SSL certificate the last generation.


Product of our company is the universal way to make a profit in the financial world. We provide quality services for our customers.

  • License equipment.
  • We have a presence of its own stabilization Fund.
  • We work quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Easy To customize

Our service is easy to use, every investor will find the answer to your question in the appropriate section. Support works 24\7.

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